Snowl v 1.0 has released!

Snowl v 1.0 has released!

After months of hard work our distributed team of enthusiasts is happy to present Snowl 1.0!

We have made a lot of useful features such as automated response to a detected threat, convenient control of decision rules and their uniting into policies, visualization of sensor load and much more!


Moreover, starting from this release, we have decided to provide an opportunity for our users to obtain Snowl in the form of a docker container, including that via the dockerhub. For more information, refer to the Download page.
We hope that this will additionally reduce the time specialists have to spend to deploy and launch Snowl.

[screenshot from dockerhub]

We would also like to remind that you can always try the latest version of Snowl online by pressing “Try Snowl” in the upper right corner of the website or using the direct link: (login: demo, password: demo).

We will appreciate feedback with any propositions.