Snowl - snort gui

Snowl is the Best Web Interface for Snort IDS/IPS

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What is Snowl?

Snowl is a modern web-based GUI (graphical user interface) for snort.

Snort is an open source IDS/IPS (intrusion detection/prevention system). It is command-line tool and has not own graphical interface.

Therefore, we decided to create Snowl so that the snort setting became automatic and understandable, and the analysis of threats was as convenient as possible.

Clients About Us

"We bought Snowl because it suited us perfectly in terms of its functionality and price and it turned out to be very simple in installation and use. A possibility to set an arbitrary response to a threat allowed incorporating it into our department’s operating process easily" — Customer's feedback.

"None of my IT department staff members wanted to tinker with IDS setting with different configuration files. Snowl was a real catch – we got an excellent solution for a small budget!" — Customer's feedback.